More tips about Coronavirus😷😷😷

Do people need to wear masks if they are not sick?

The answers is YES!

Lately, we’ve been seen a lot of suggestion says that Only patients with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and healthcare workers caring for them should wear masks.

As we all know that face masks can help prevent droplet transmission.
Some infected people are asymptomatic, In this case if they think they do not carry the virus, then they feel no need wearing masks, while people around them with no masks, more infections occur immediately.

If you has symptoms of suspected infection or has contacted an infected person lately. Not only they need to stop going out, they also need to distant themselves from other family menmbers at home.
Try to stay in different rooms, use different toilets, and stop eat together any more until expiration of quarantine!

👉Remember you are responsible not only to yourself, but also to those.

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